I am in the UK which known as an animal lover country and indeed most of the people care about animals and their pets. However we can see images of animal abuse on a regular basis. Horses, dogs, cats are neglected, starved and left to die in their own fieces. Animal shelters are full as pets are thrown out when they owner got bored of them. As a bigger picture, humans destroy wildlife, organised poacher gangs operate driven by their greed. Circus animals are abused on a daily basis to entertain us, bears in Pakistan have their teeth removed, chained and forced to stand to be bitten by agressive dogs as a "fight" and some people find this entertaining enough to watch it. This issue upsets me and a while ago I decided to do something about it. I can not do a lot, I can do only my share. You can do the same. Go online and google this issues and you will find a way to do something.
I am just going to ask you to have a look at this url, it needs signatures to prevent oil giants to drill on the Arctic. They were already stopped last year but they will try it again.The Arctic is important for all of us. Do your search, it is easy.
agentfox agentfox
Jan 6, 2013