People think that animals are inferior. Why, because they don't use words?

People think animals don' t feel pain. Can't they hear their cries, see their fear as they hide in the corner, or understand their numbness to life after so much abuse?

People think that animals are ours to use for food, clothing, and experiments. Could I use your child to make leather or find the next the best treatment for alzheimers?

People think animals in zoos, circuses, and movies, are entertainment. Can I ship you to a foreign land, put you in a cage, and charge money for people to come and point their finger and laugh at you?

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Ignorance. The human species is a very ignorant race IMO. Education about caring for animals are essential to be taught at school, not just about the biology. Love can be taught and nurtured into human race, if we are given a chance to do so. With that said everyone is raised from the lack of love. And that is what we do to animals and other human beings.

Vegan. Keep in touch and updated with these vegan nonprofits (you can get leaflets to educate the public about veg*nism)

its sooo sad we live in a world where people are cruel. it is 1 thing that actully makes me mad even thinking about it