Animals Are Supposed To Be Your Friends Not Your Tools Or Punching Bags

I must say I love animals. I love studying about them, reading about them and watching them on t.v. I see them as my friends, they have feelings, but unlike us, they can't feel hatred. There is no evil natural animal out there, an animal kills by accident or because they have to, to survive or stay strong. I feel very disgusted or hurt when I see an, abandoned dog, a cat beaten badly, or lot's of baby creatures left out to starve to death. If I could, I would take in all of them and make them feel loved again. I have a dog who I love dearly, even more than my own family, who seems to not give a care if he should die or run away. Animals are as important as people to me. In fact, they have or would have saved lives. Both dogs and cats have saved lives. Dolphins saved lives, horses saved lives and even some gorillas, a parrot and elk. I can't understand why anyone would hate creatures like that. I feel hatred for no one and no animal. What have they done to deserve torture. I can understand that many people are mean and nasty, but I say something is really messed up with you to hurt an innocent animal,child or another human. Animals rule the world just like we do. I'll repeat that they unlike us, can't be hateful or evil. Cause true hatred or evil is one that comes with a vengeance,malice or cruelty. Should I be proud to be human or ashamed to be?
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Let me ask you, if care so much about animals, are you vegan? If you aren't, you should be. Don't want to be a hypocrite now would we?

Watch this and get empowered <3

Good question. I have no choice but to eat meat. I constantly ask for fruits and veggies but never get any. My grandmother would sometimes even force me to eat it. If I refuse, i would get in a heap of trouble. But if the animal was still alive I would rather starve than eat it.

o_O That's weird. How old are you and why is your grandma withholding fruits and veggies from you??? Seems crazy. Have you ever confronted her about this in a polite way? Well, at least when you are off on your own you can hopefully think about this. I

Also, if you love animals, I suggest you watch out for language such as referring to them as "it". Language is a very powerful tool and has been used to reinforce prejudices. &lt;--- There are also some cute idioms to use instead of saying ones that reinforce animal inferiority. My favorite is "It's like freeing two birds with one key &lt;3"