It Should Be Stopped

people are cruel they make poor animals race so people can enjoy them and bet and gamble too. why do they do it why, how would they feel if there pet is abused if the even have a heart to care a bit. hens are kept in cages continusley laying eggs so who can make a fortune, the farmes some arnt even farmes everone should eat free ragened eggs even if they are a bit expiencive plus it supports animal rights and taste better when the hen was not depressed but happy and content. ANIMAL CRUELTY SHOULD BE STOPPED 

anoymas anoymas
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2 Responses Jan 25, 2009

I completely agree!

I couldn't agree more. I have 3 rescued dogs that were beaten, starved and burned before I got them and every day when they look at me I see the appreciation in there eyes and I feel that they have nor will they ever forget what I did for them.