Animals Have Feelings!

I have ALWAYS had some kind of animal or pet in my life (with the exception of two yrs, w/o one).  I truely believe animals are the best!!! I had alot of experience with animalls and I worked as a animal care tech in a shelter for a few years in SC.   It would make me go home after work and cry for the injustice these poor creatures had to endure at the hands of evil people who think animals are here to be treated any way we want!!!!

I believe God put them on the earth for our enjoyment NOT to mistreat!!! I believe when God put them on earth we were to live together in peace and harmony, not killing them or abuse!! We were never meant to be meat eaters, it wasn't till after Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden did God kill an animal and provide skins for them.  We really messed up the plan He had for us.

irishgurl01 irishgurl01
46-50, F
Dec 19, 2009