" Dog Gone It Why Me? "

I have been your friend when no one was there for you. I have followed you through Hell and high waters..

Been there when you had to cry. I have never forsaken you and just sat and looked in your eyes.

Why for little trouble did you have to take it out on me through time?

I have been there for you as we walked along the trails.

Why did you forsake me when the going went awry?

Now I sit in limbo wondering what is in store for me.

For being the one you use to care for may not be any more for me. 

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2 Responses Apr 9, 2010

Have six rescued dogs; and they are all wonderful and very loyal.

It is wonderful that you take the responsibility. It is a tough, but rewarding responsibility.

I rescued my last dog--just minutes before they were going to put him down at the pound. He was so sad, he grieved for two years---I could tell how much he missed his original family....every time he saw a pickup truck--he'd try to get away from me to chase it. Once he jumped out of my car window and chased a truck down the main street of town. The man in the truck stopped in a parking lot, got out of the truck and said , "You are a very bad dog!" There i was chasing the dog down the street...it would have been funny, except I knew he was just looking for his old owner...he must have been a truck dog. Once, he chased a truck down the highway...that time I feared for his life...I don't think people realize how much they mean to their dogs....