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I have no comment about other peoples' opinions and choices in this matter, but my personal choice is that I am adamantly against antidepressants.  My reasons are quite simple:

1. My Mom tried many different types, and none helped.  Eventually, she OD'd on her psych meds to successfully kill herself.

2. I have tried several, none of which work.  The last time I tried to take the meds, I started having auditory hallucinations, and I became so paranoid that I could not leave the house.  I stopped taking them, but the side effects lasted another week or so with me feeling absolutely insane.

3. I think all drugs are poison, basically, and I prefer trying natural remedies.
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I agree. <br />
<br />
They should be a last resort. Do you think pharmaceutical companies want to make you better?<br />
They want you to keep buying the crap that keeps you sick. Its all about profits. <br />
Find other ways to heal.

I do not think pharma companies have any interest in making people better. As you said, it's all about profits, and if people get better, they have no need to keep purchasing their drugs.

That's awesome that you have narrowed it down to knowing what your body needs to stay on top of your mood! Props to you :) I understand that alcohol situation completly. For me I let life get the best of me and could no longer control my drinking, which lead to more depression . the cycle was a vicious and painful one for me, an internal war. I know what you mean by not being able to no take it any more and the way i got relief was through AA. learning how to live a sober life is an amassing thing and a great gift whether

I have been on anti depressants for 17 years and it has been 17 yeas or a crazy bad roller coaster I couldn't tell you if I could have lived with out them but truthfully I think I could have. I believe the united states rely too much on these "poisons" and not enough on natural remedies. Homeopathic medicine, chiropractors, acupuncture,and therapy even something as small as drinking water and exercising which people don't seam to do anymore.

I hear you, and I'm glad that you have had some success with medication.

Diet and exercise are extremely important to me in maintaining my mood, my sanity, and my sense of well-being. I think everyone is different, but surely little changes can make at least a little difference, which is something SO many people are SO desperate for. For me, diet and exercise make a HUGE difference -- the difference between jumping off a bridge and not. It's not a magic remedy, but from what I hear and know, neither are medications, and many people are just trying to find a prescription for "taking the edge off." I take the edge off by avoiding wheat, drinking water, taking calcium, and getting my endorphins flowing at least a couple times a week. And, there are no adverse side effects.

But, lest you think I am all high and mighty, my favorite drug to take the edge off is alcohol. It is only a temporary fix, and I know I will feel worse later, but sometimes I must drown myself in a BIG bottle of wine (or several over several days). Sometimes I just can't take it anymore and need some instant relief. I do try to avoid it, and it's been a few months now.

I too also hate medication like this and had some bad experiences with several. And while alcohol isn't the best choice, I know, it's nice to know someone else besides me needs to turn to it at times. Sorry if I said this the wrong way.

It's always good to know I'm not the only one.


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I agree with you on this.