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Antidepressants are such bullshit. I think pharmaceutical companies could actually manufacture drugs that remedy or cure mental illness, but they make more money selling funky pills that make you feel so-so and never really alleviate the problem. I've tried Zoloft, Lexapro and Celexa and I'd say I've taken too many already. "Magic bullet" cures don't work anywhere besides fairy tales.
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Antidepressants were created as a way for pharmaceutical companies to make massive profits. What they do is pick common problems that 99% of the population has, then they come up with a way to very slightly elevate a few of the symptoms creating a situation where the patient feels very slightly better and wants to take more and more of the drug to try to get better. In reality they will NEVER get better because the drugs don't really work. <br />
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What we have today is a massive number of people walking around society like drugged ZOMBIES with no natural emotions. <br />
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If you are depressed then simply figure out what is making you depressed and REMOVE it from your life. It might be your job, your lifestyle, your partner or mate, etc. Often many people are so use to being control by other people they don't even realize that THEY have the power to change their lives. <br />
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Being happy means being in CONTROL of your life, not letting society and your boss or your family control you. <br />
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Whatever you do, don't get hooked on drugs that do nothing but make doctors and pharmaceutical companies rich by selling you dangerous drugs that don't work and have horrible side effects.

Where is the real proof of the so-called chemical imbalance? Maybe the lower serotonin etc, levels are a result of a depressing life with depressing relationships? Thinking an antidepressant will solve your problems is the same as thinking alcohol or other drugs can solve problems. At the most it can mask or provide escape from problems but how long can that last?

You should check out CCHR.

I believe that Strangeone has made a very valid point. Therapy can get you so far - but if you are so down that you can't help yourself then you need chemical assistance to bring you to a level where you are able to help yourself. And even then - after all the therapy in the world, if you happen to suffer from a chemical imbalance you will need some level of medication always to correct that.