I'm Tired Of School Shootings The Drug Companies Need To Be Stopped

I don't have a personal story. That's actually my point, I don't want to wait until my child is the victim of "another school shooting" before I have a story to tell about the adverse side effects of anti-depressants. It doesn't take a genius to connect the dots between these mass shootings, all these kids were on medication. Clearly the drug companies don't care about our children's safety, all they care about is that they are making money, while they make us al sheep, or worse, mass murders. So what can I do? How do we get some grass roots movement going to stop these @%* holes?!
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baraka, while it is hard to link most shootings to these pills, i think I see what you mean. and to those who find these pills to work for you, that's great.....but I will NEVER rely on anti depressants to get through life. I know why I am hurting and no stupid pill has ever helped me get through that hurt.

Perhaps you should do some research about how anti- depressants work in your brain before you blame them for things such as mass murders. Anti- depressants helped me. I was literally on the brink of killing my parents or myself. This is no exaggeration I am serious. I am much more stable now. I studied how these things work before I started using them.

The problem is automatic weapons putting the mass in mass killings.

It's not the meds causing the trouble. If that were true, we'd have 35% of the country shooting up the country. I'm on 2 antidepressants and they've been a very big help. Of course, the side effects of some antidepressant on some people would necessitate a change in type. It takes about a month to start being effective.

I didn't know anti-depressants had some side effects. :/

Just about any prescription can have some nasty to mild side effects. My nephew gained a lot weight on Zoloft. Dr.s try other anti-depressants that have a sliightly different chemistry. I take Citolapram and Wellbutin and they're are effective.