Drug Companies Suck

I'm bipolar and have been on meds before but not now.  I took depakote and wellbutrin for a year (2002-03) and hated the depakote but I must say the wellbutrin seemed good for helping my energy levels (to get me out of bed).  I was sober at this time and did pretty well though I was still depressed.  Then once I started drinking again my moods became more polarized.  I had an accident in Dec 2005 on my bicycle and cracked my skull and causing a brain injury. 

I lost my sense of smell entirely, most of my taste, hearing in my right ear, among other things.  I was very depressed during my recovery period of 2 months but then went totally manic for a few months after that.  I had been drinking a lot though which exacerbates the problems.  I ended up a few months later in rehab and was put on lamictal.  It seemed to help at first but after a couple of months I realized I was as depressed as ever and got off them.  I have been less depressed since then and have not had a drink, only a little pot.  I hate how the FDA is in cohoots with drug companies and allows them to release any drug on the market so they can make their billions.  Funny how drugs like Vioxx are released to the public after they've been deemed "safe" and then it's discovered they kill people.  Oops.  Maybe the drug should've been studied for 20 years instead or 20 months.  It can certainly take that long or longer to know the long term effects of any drug on our health.  But the FDA and Pharma companies care only about right now just as all businesses.  Short term enormous profits are the goal.  They don't care about our health or the health of our children/grandchildren, nor the environment. 

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I might have to consider trying that stuff. I just started taking the 2nd pill of wellbutrin in the evening and I had a hard time falling asleep. I also didn't sleep well at all. Maybe I just need to adjust to the meds, I don't know, but lack of sleep is not good for my moods.

I'll have to look into Lexapro when my wellbutrin stops working...glad it's working for you :)

" the stress in your life is causing you to produce way too much cortisol, which drastically depletes your serotonin levels."<br />
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Thank you, Lexepro. For the serotonin boost.

Thanks Maisie, what you said about your happiness not being artificial is really helpful. I am obviously ambivalent about taking the meds but if they'll help me, at least in the short-term, I'll do it. I'm also taking them to help me quit smoking cigs. I really want to get cigarettes out of my life. I think that will help my moods too.<br />
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I'm already noticing the wellbutrin working and it's only been 2 days. I think since I took it a few years ago my body can assimilate it. I thought it would take a few weeks to work but it's not taking long at all.<br />
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Thank you Iusedto...I think in my mind I have considered my depression to be a personal flaw. Even despite everything that I've read, heard, and learned about depression, I'm quite sure I still harbor resentment towards myself for not fulfilling the things I thought I would achieve when I was younger. I think taking meds is well worth it, especially as you said so that I can function better amongst my family, friends, co-workers, etc. <br />
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Thank you all for your kind comments :)

Well spoken. Massie D. I managed mine for years with St Johns Wort and Omega oils. I reached a "tipping point" recently where I have had to go on Prozac and it has made it a lot easier to function. People with depression are notorious for not seeking help, for not taking their prescribed medicine, and regarding their illness as a personal flaw that they should be able to overcome. It is analogous to the boxer who is in the ring getting beaten until his manager throws in the towel. He has no idea how badly he is getting beaten and will stay there until he is killed unless someone stops it. What most of us need to realize is that we aren't the only ones who are taking the beating. Our kids, spouses, and loved ones are taking it also.<br />
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The part about Pharma being black hearted crooks is true of course. It has gotten to the point where they are having trouble finding someone who they can PAY to say something nice about them. People like them, I cannot understand and I don't want to. It just too awful to contemplate.

I must agree with you again WIGU....I've read 2 of Tolle's books...he's got some great insight. I'm finishing the New Earth one right now. I certainly believe as you do that we never know what our actions will produce. Wish I had more time to respond but I gotta go. <br />
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BTW I started on wellbutrin yesterday.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. The question for me is how to go about getting society at large to stop embracing these ideas. It's scary to me b/c our media is feeding so much of this mindless frenzy but it seems there's not much to be done about it. A lot of people think this is the right way to live, it's the way they think, it's become a part of their philosophy. A lot of these people voted for Sarah Palin, oops I mean John McCain LOL. If you have a system that produces these images and philosophies and a population that largely supports this way of thinking, what is there to be done about it? I am seriously considering leaving the US at some point in the not-so-distant future.<br />
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I found what you said about your daughter to be interesting and I can relate. I have an 8 year old niece also who wants to be little miss barbie doll, already worries about how much she weighs, how she weighs less than so-and-so at her school. That **** scares the hell out of me but I don't blame her. I blame the media, and her mother who reinforces her behavior.

Wow, thanks again...you are very insightful. I love Pink Floyd by the way! The autopilot thing you speak of has a lot of truth to it. I continually try to get myself off of autopilot cause I know I've been conditioned to function that way. I don't fault people so much as our society, media, government for being so shortsighted. <br />
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I learned in a sociology class about mental shortcuts and how dangerous and pervasive they are. Mental shortcuts being something like when you put your keys in the same place all the time so you reach there without even looking cause they are supposed to be there. It's the mindless reaching that is the problem and the assumption that they are there. People tend to get into routines throughout ther lives and they're not really living, being present or aware, they're just going through a routine. And sometimes those routines can be dangerous. Such as when a person tends to pull onto the shoulder to look ahead when traffic is building up. They've always been able to steer over there to take a peek ahead but then at some point they may move over there and a vehicle will be parked there on the shoulder and a bad accident will occur. There's all kinds of examples of mental shortcuts, that not being the best one but you get the picture.<br />
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Watching commercials on TV makes me squeamish when I see them advertising a diet pill and showing some person working out that is in absolute misery. Or a commercial for a frozen dinner and they show people toiling over the stove as if cooking a meal is the most horrible torture known to man. I take these kinds of things and think about how I've been exposed to these ideas since I was a small child. It helps me realize how much I've been conditioned to think on autopilot (and others as well). It helps me have compassion for these people rather than disgust. It also makes me want to change the society we live in or leave it if it seems unchangeable at some point. I fear that it may be unchangeable. I'm thinking about moving to Ecuador or somewhere else in the world. LOL

Hey WhenIgrowup...thank you very much for sharing. I am well aware that there are some people out there like yourself who benefit greatly from meds. I do worry about some people though who claim they can't function without them cause they take an ever-changing cocktail of drugs just to keep themselves from going nuts. I think there are other therapies out there that aren't usually explored and most people are just pumped full of drugs and told that's the way it will be for the rest of their lives. This is hopeless, futile, and untrue. The way we live our lives today in this "civilized" society produces much of the pain and suffering that we call mental illness. It produces mental illness. I believe there are solutions outside of what the pharma companies provide for bringing people real recovery, not just drug induced happiness.

Daveslady, I do take St Johns Wort....it seems to help a little but I've got a brand of depression that is more severe than most. It helps buy it's no cure. <br />
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What is SamE? Haven't heard of that....

Have you thought of trying St. John's Wort? It helps my daughter and some other people I've known. It's inexpensive, and you can buy it at any department store that sells vitamins.

good for you WDY...I'm starting to question myself a little bit cause I can't seem to shake the depression. I can string together a few days or a week of feeling pretty good but I can't seem to stop the depressive periods from coming back. Any suggestions?

I agree 100% with you on this. I also believe that they have little to no clue as to what actually causes these illnesses and that that, is why they call it 'medical practice'. I decided , as you seem to have as well, not to let them practice on me any longer.

couldn't agree more!