I've Been Diagnosed With Severe Depression

This is a touchy subject with me.   I know that anti-depressants can work miracles for some.  I also know that people can become like walking robots when they start to use them.  If I suffer from a chemical imbalance and that is what causes my depression, I think I should be on psyche meds.  However, having the knowledge of the "trial and error period" associated with finding the right meds, and being unwilling to go through the whole "human guinnea pig" aspect; has left me in a state of uncertainly and despair.  This may sound ridiculous to some, but to me it is very real.  Psychiatry/psychology to me is hardly an exact science and after seeing acquaintances get their heads screwed up from such (to me "flippant") medical treatment, I'd rather be myself and be depressed all the time than be a living, breathing "vegetable".  That's my view on it anyway.

Sarkoloff Sarkoloff
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2 Responses Jun 1, 2007

I feel exactly like that, but after struggling with depression for 6 years now, seeing a psychanalystis to no avail for two years, and going from bad to worse, I have reluctantly agreed to see a psychiatrist next week. Still, I do not want to take meds, but at the same time I have lost all my strength to carry on, I am losing all hope of ever feeling better, or at least stabilising at the present condition. Because it gets worse, and I am scared I will not manage to resolve it on my own on time.

im the same.. for 4 years iv been on diffrent antidepressants that may have started working but with that came all the side effects i went from trying one to the utha adding this and that until finaily i was allowed to take venlafaxine(effexor) that has been the only one so far to get rid of the over riding deprsion and let me lead the way abit but its stil a difent strugle everyday in someway tho.. and even tho i get side effects from these meds to thers nothing so far else out that i can try.. i dont wana be depressed i fuken hate it, i wana join in the world around me and be happy.. iv given up hope so many times tho..