I was on anti depressants for about 7 months...first I could not sleep at all, then I began to feel almost hypomanic, I began abusing drugs and skipping class at an abnormal rate. In feb of 2006 I moved to a new house and misplaced my pills, a few days later I began feeling extremely lightheaded, fatigued, dizzy, with feelings of numbness and electric tingles in my face and body. I was terrified, I thought I had a brain tumor and I was appalled when my doctor told me it was the Lexapro my body was withdrawing from! I was determined to get off this substance not wanting my body dependent on another drug, it took 3 or 4 weeks before the symptoms dissipated. Awful stuff, not worth it...
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I took one Lexapro pill 8.5 years ago and had a severe adverse reaction to it. It was pure HELL. It took 3 years to feel somewhat normal again. I still have lingering side effects. SSRI's destroy many lives.

I am in the process of finally coming off Lexapro after 8 1/2 years. I suffered from post natal depression with my third and fourth child and, after much prompting from my dr, began taking Lexapro. I was only on 10mg daily which seemed to suit me straight away. I have been reading the horror stories on the net of people trying to come off the drug. I have attempted previously on two occasions to rid myself of it but always given in to the terrible side effects and figured staying on them was far easier than the terrible withdrawls. Third time lucky. I have the support from my family and have used the Christmas school holidays to get through what is hopefully the worst of it. I can deal with the nausea, the brain zaps and the dizziness but I am struggling with the insominia. I have tried so many natural remedies and definitely don't want to go down the drug route there. I just need someone to tell me that it will only be another x amount of time and it will go away. If only. I guess if the insominia is the on,y big issue then I am doing ok.

I had a similar experience with celexa.... It almost ruined my life. It's been two years since then and has taken me that long to recover. I was fine before those evil pills and I am fine now. The doctors should be ashamed for them Selves I never had depression I originally went in to the doctor cause I was having trouble sleeping

after using lexapro as described by my family doctor for almost 8 years now, within 2 weeks of being off of the medication i am very much against it's use. i abandoned my family and friends, and i hadn't realized it until now. all b/c of the effects of this drug. i also developed severe insomnia, lost the use of my left arm (after two weeks off, i now have full use again!), and developed hypertension (now my blood pressure meds seem to be making my blood pressure too low, so that's probably going away soon too). it is extremely difficult to come off of though, and i don't recommend being alone during this process. you can expect constant vomiting, horrible shaking, extreme sensitivity to temperatures, hallucinations, and many wild mood swings. i mean, the only thing recommended by health professionals to help come off of the drug is the same medication recommended to heroin users to ease withdrawals. and the withdrawals seem to be similar. i had never experienced depression before taking this drug, and am now realizing how badly depressed i have been over the years. i went out with friends and had fun for the first time in years this past weekend. before, i was afraid to even walk out the door. i don't know why, i just was. listen to your friends and family. if they begin telling you that you don't seem to care about anything or anyone, don't let yourself think that it's ok. go see a doctor immediately, or at the very least, start limiting the dosage. after researching about the suicide rates among users and the many side effects, as well as seeing how many people are taking this drug who should not be (like myself, i didn't have any health problem that it should have been taken for, my doctor just told me to take it to help with occasional bursts of anger), i feel that i should be a part of helping to get this drug off of the market.

I'm on them now and all I ever do is sleep...(then again I have insomnia...so they're supposed to help I guess).<br />
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they have been helping me for the most part, though if I forget to take them I feel happier. I'm going to keep using it though, because they do help me.<br />
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I'm more for it because they've helped my mother tremendously. Perhaps you just need to try a new kind.

Can you please tell me more about your experience while you were on the Lexipro? My mother has been taking it for months and she's just NOT herself at all and I am really worried.