Id Like to Be Myself Not What ...

Id like to be myself not what medcines make me...;~(
SaDiEsmiles SaDiEsmiles
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 30, 2007

For me, with the meds I was finally able to be the person that I am. not the suicidal self loather, which drained the life out of me slowly but surely, who I used to be!

I thought that once as well. I took myself off all my medication and ended up in hospital (I am not going into detail). I have been taking my medication responsibly for just over a year now and my way of life has improved so much. I love the person I am now, I ran out of one of my medications and didn't have any way to get it for a week and it was the worst week I have had since getting my life back on track. I now see that, the person I am off my medication isn't me because my illnesses take over and I am not my illnesses. Medication doesn't work for some people but don't turn your back on you medication because you think that the person you are on them isn't the true you, don't take them because they don't work. Take care of yourself. I wish you happy health.<br />