BOO to Antidepressants

I hate anti-depressants for several reasons.

A) I was forced to take prozac, zoloft, and a bunch of other crap through middle and highschool so I know the affect they had on me - i was numb, a zombie, unable to think for myself.

B) Doctors are bribed by corporations to prescribe their drugs. It's quite frivolous, to the point where doctors just hand out prescriptions for the same drug to problems that arent even related.

C) The side affects suck.

D) Rather than trying to medicate problems away, ppl should accept who they are (through ups and downs).

E) The problem with depression is that it makes you hate yourself. Antidepressants reinforce this by saying you have a "disorder", a "disease", you need to take this drug which will make you "normal."

F) Lazy doctors and parents are conned into thinking all they need to do is shove some drug down their kids' throat and all is well.

But hey, thats just me...

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Did it ever occur to you that the people on this site who are so emphatically in favor of antidepressant medications are people paid by the pharmaceutical companies?! I took them for 12 solid years beginning at age 18 after an unfortunate experience with LSD. They gave me constant insomnia for those twelve years but I couldn't quit because of withdrawal symptoms. I never finished growing after high school. I performed miserably in college and every job I tried to hold. I aged rapidly and prematurely. I got fat and like a zombie for 12 years and then finally after 12 solid years of sleep deprivation I got cancer...leukemia actually. Sleep deprivation is known to cause cancer. Now leukemia drugs have destroyed the nerves in my feet, calves, hands and forearms. The pharmaceutical industry is the biggest fraud human civilization has ever known. Did you know pharmaceutical side effects are the 4th leading cause of death in America after heart attacks, cancer , and strokes? Side effects kill 106,000 Americans every year which is more than WWII and Vietnam combined every single year. time you see your doctor ask him if death is right for you!

i completely agree with you

I would rather battle depression than just take a pill. If I had severe depression that was really ruining my life, I would consider medication, but I much prefer focusing on exercise and other ways of elevating my mood. I don't have anything against people who do take meds, but I prefer to try to improve myself from within.

I was on SSRI's for 3 years after being depressed for most of my life. The meds did me a world of good! I was able to function 'normally', get perspective on things (I was also living in another country so I got the distance on things working for me aswell) and finally once in my life I was able to sort my head out! on my own and with a therapist! I'm not sure where I'd be if I hadn't taken the meds! Now I'm happier than I have ever been, no sign of depression (at the moment) and I'm getting stronger everyday. I know bad times are gonna come sometime again, but hopefully it won't be as severe as they have been so that I won't have to take meds again, but hey for me; the drugs DID work ^___^

I accept the person I am. I have illnesses but I am not my illnesses and that is why I take my medication. The person I was without my medication was a daft, lost, dependent pathetic victim (not saying this is how I view victims just how I viewed myself). The person I am today is a strong independent intelligent woman. Anti-depressants didn't make me better on their own but they took the edge off of my symptoms so I could work on my issues instead of being defeated by them. I got to the right mix of medications by taking the active step of finding the right psychiatrist who was willing to use medication that would be beneficial to me not his wallet. -RDW

thanks for the input prettyinpink<br />
its very refreshing to know that ppl are willing to share there opinions :D

while i appreciate your stand, i am taking antidep. and i assure you they do not make me feel "normal", they only allow me to function as "me". i have read some literature on youth and antidep. and it's not recommended they take them. they usually do make them feel as you said they made you feel. i also never wanted to take meds and try to keep them to a minimum, but as a wise dr. once explained to me, it's no different than someone having diabetes and having to take insulin. it is what it is. i have panic disorder which is a disease and causes misfiring etc.... so for me, it's quality of life i'm thinking about. <br />
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but hey thats just me.