Didn't Work Made Things Worse

I was on them for many years and things went from bad to worse while I was on them

I just meditate now and it helps a lot I still have bad days but its better than being drugged up

Starbuck82 Starbuck82
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3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Smoking weed doesn't help me....makes me crazier than I already am,wish it was htat easy to feel better again though. Anti-depression meds suck! They don't work for me....I'm on lexapro, but you can read my story on the "I'm on Anti depressants" group. <br />
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I tried Buddhist mindful breathing too...and meditation...but it didn't last to long...I would have to do it 24 hrs. a day.

I dont know about smoking weed cus i dont smoke but i agree with you on that . Taking them make u feel like ur drowning or something and they make u feel more depressed... still wondering y they are call anti depressants? They need to be "depressants"

Maybe I am lucky I have a good doc who gave me the right meds.....I feel great, NOT drugged up