Always Will Be

No birth control. No condoms. No nothing.

I think every woman should be able to be ready to breed and receive a mans seed at all times. If a man wants to put his seed in you then it should always be allowed. Honestly I think this should apply whether it's the person your just *******, dating or the person your married to. I think if you have a ***** any man who wants access to it should have it and be able to knock you up if he so chooses. There shouldn't be anything barring what God made us women to do, bear children and please our men. Clearly not everyone agrees, but that's my thought on the matter. 
MoiraEthne MoiraEthne
26-30, F
8 Responses May 23, 2012

would seed you }:-)

I'd love that! Immediately please

on my way!

Ive never used condoms and prefer my partners without bc. I've always felt that if a woman slept with me, she was accepting the risk of my seed getting her pregnant. It's what our bodies were meant to do.

*applause* I completely agree!

Anything else is just fighting nature. I reserve the right to seed any woman that is willing :)

*raises hand* oooo, me!!!

Clearly not everyone agrees, but I think you're right. When you're with someone, there should be no birth control, and nothing at all to stop him from knocking you up... ever.

That is so very hot and sexy! Absolutely agree!!!

yes this is so true....

There aren't enough women out there who want to please men anymore.

I agree!!!!!!!!

Wow most definately a woman after my heart. I love the bareback pregnancy risk sex so hot