Are You A Bully- Personality Quiz.

 Question One:
Your Best friend  comes to school with an ugly outfit on. But it does look okay on her. Then she asks you if you like it. You say...
A. I love it! You don't want to hurt her feelings.
B. It is not something that would look great on me but it looks fantastic on you!
C. Whoa... do you shop in the dark or something?

Question 2
You are opening presents at your birthday party. You open a gift that you do not like and accidentally make fun of it in front of everybody. It turns out your Best friend bought it for you and she starts to cry. You say....
A. I only said that because nobody else likes it and I didn't want them to thing less of me. But now I don't care and I love it.
B. It isn't the best gift in the world but it came from you, my best friend, so that makes it the best.
C. I'm sorry but I hate it! Don't you know me?

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ReillyDarkDreamer101 ReillyDarkDreamer101
13-15, F
Jul 2, 2011