I hate what was done to me.The effects are not only physical but psychological.Anyone who is interested or unsure about that should read a new book,recently published called
"Unspeakable Mutilations-Circumcised Men Speak Out" by Lindsay Watson.As it says on the back page "the pain of foreskin loss may last a life time".
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2 Responses Sep 1, 2014

I'm against this crime. This should be OUR choice when we are mature enough to understand. But these sick doctors want to make $$$$ and they tell lies to our uneducated parents and they blindly accept getting us circumcised. With me being circumcised and finding out the truth, I'm very angry that this barbaric procedure was done to me It's time for US to WAKE-UP! And raise the true awareness of this.

Nature doesn't create "junk" if we're born with foreskin, it must serve a purpose rather known or unknown. It's time to end the age of ignorance and become enlightened.

Sadly that statement is very true and I have known someone to commit suicide over it.