I Fought Communist ©

I have seen what commies do. Take 8-9 years old boys and put cigarettes and ammo in their pockets. And Ak47s in their hands.
Take young girls and wire them with a frag belt. Teach them lure GIs to bed. Then cut their throats or stab them in the back while there ******* them.

Is this what you want in America. If not then wake your *** up! You better watch every move the CPUSA and every nazi group that has been allowed to organize in our fine country.

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snowlover13 snowlover13
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I think they should all go back to Nam and now almost every commercial on tv have a damn gook in it.

Or a damn feminnazi that needs no man for anything.

Hey Snowman, I thought they were gooks, you sure they were commies ?.

I was trying to be nice. Haha besides I can use that in reply but EP would flag and pull the story otherwise. I'm at the bar and on my second ET AND BUD. Heading home after this one no Nam buddies here tonight bartenders say they hang out on Saturday nights still.