Henna 14 Years Rape Bangladeshi Girl Rape Lashes And Dead

Henna was 14 years old , she was rapê by her cousin . 22 years old,She juge in islamic court from her village fatwa the imam said 101 lashes . Her raper escaped. She was lashed in public and faint after 75 big cane lashes . She was bring hospital all wounded injure and bloody, she dead 4 days after, corrupt doctor said she suicide with medicine. But the press came and avocate there was exhumation. autopsies prouve her kidneys crush by the lashes. National cout give 6 month to the imam one year village vchief who her and penalities to the doctor! It was in 2011 north of dacca bangladesh you could find more to you tube and google please your comments
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Sep 6, 2012