I have been cyber bullied on here for having a faith in God. I got suspended twice because I was standing up for myself while they left the bully here. I saw the bully say that I call Atheists Satanic because I said Satan blinds the lost, so they can not get to God and the Holy Bible tells us too. The bully has egged me, so they have the chance to get me suspended again. The bully calls me ignorant. The bully calls me a moron. The bullying goes to messages to egg me know and try to get me suspended too. The bully knows about religion, but the bully says all religious people are idiots. The bully knows that Moron, Latter Day Saints, Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic and Christian is a form of Christianity. The bully knows Messianics celebrate the Jewish holidays and believe in Jesus too. The bully know their religion, so they know what they are talking about. Please contact me if you need more information. Contact if you know anything about this. My boyfriend says who cares what people think about you. He is a great guy, See Yahoo.
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holy bible ..... and God says ... do this and that and not that and tis .... i'm atheist and proud !


What is this guys name, maybe a little visit will teach him a lesson.


Thank you.

What is going on

Amazinggod Why don't you give yourself a break. This Bully doesn't care about God but what's worse is if you get banned what happens to all the people who do care about God??? Let me ask you this Amazinggod. Did Jesus ever argue anyone into the kingdom of heaven? Did Jesus ever say to the apostles or disciples "Go forth and argue people into the kingdom of heaven?"

What do you think of me just ignoring her and telling her thank you for the name