Theosophy is a ufo / new age cult, which actually helped trigger the development of the new age movement. The founder claimed to be in contact with aliens living on Venus, which she called 'lords of flame' and who's descriptions resemble that of fallen angels. Anything these creatures communicated was followed to the letter. This communication is done through spirit channeling, mediumship, and automatic writing - things that we already know to be occultic tools of demons.
In a broader sense, theosophy is a part of esotericism which refers to hidden knowledge or wisdom - which is exactly what the occult is all about. Invariably the sources of this 'hidden wisdom' is demonic, which is evident in the fruits of these cults - death, fear, greed, and so on. In short, it is just another term for the occult and a platform for demonic worship.
Like many cults, Theosophy Claims the superiority of certain types of people, and inferiority of others. The founder of the Theosophical Society actually agreed with several ideals of the Nazis, such as the inferiority (to the point of hatred) of the Jews, and praise of the Aryans.
A more modern form of Theosophy utilizes less of the eastern influences and more from Hellenistic and western new age beliefs, despite this both forms of this dangerous cult are alive and well in modern society today and still manage to influence the modern new age movement in this country and many others.
VincentValentine VincentValentine
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May 11, 2012