That's A Yes And A No...

Well, I'm simply myself--I'm not traditional, nor am I progressive...only some deep aspects of my personality tap into some of the passions and longings of that a woman might have, but they only bottleneck with the times (*coughs* hormones). I will never marry, and I'm satisfied with this. I'll be a free spirit forever...and I'm happy with this.

Feminists are trying too hard...and being buffoons in the process. I have a silent admiration for women who retain femininity and traditionality--however, this just isn't me, though, I don't have to try to make equality to be what I am.
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2 Responses Nov 19, 2011

Definitely feminism today is rather passe, they missed not only the point but the whole target .<br />
It sounds rather like a bunch confused women and many of them are actually unhappy with each other.

Feminists have missed the point - equal does not mean the same. A woman can be a woman and have equal value as a man being a man. Nowadays, women seem to be in competition with men, which is stupid.