Dente, I Am Sorry

I'll edit this later. I promised everyone equal coverage in my effort to bring about rational conversation.

But I need to catch a train...
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Ahhhhh. Memories....

"feral feminists"??<br />
<br />
Was that the noise that woke me up at 2am? I just thought it was 2 cats enjoying the rite of passage that is springtime.

It could have been either. Beware because feral feminists are known to go out at night and yowl for hours. I looked out my window one night and saw two sitting on my deck and doing that. Oh wait, my mistake . . . I now remember that that was actually my mother and grandmother sitting on my deck one night in front of a laptop while drinking a bottle of wine and laughing hysterically at the silly comments that are made about feminism in this group.


Lmao! "Feral feminists". :)

What ever you do, do not give up a seat on that train to anyone with boobies.<br />
Anyone with **** has been plotting your demise for centuries. In fact, don't even make eye contact. They are all femi-nazis waiting to wipe out the entire male population. <br />
Just stare at the ****. <br />
<br />
Yeah, it's scary out there. Hug a urinal.

I think I'm in love.


Lilt you've forgotten feminism 101, feminists must 1. Cut off their **** 2. Grow massive amounts of hair, you should be able to see bush push against the zipper of their pants and 3 they will have femimullets, this is a natural side effect of their lesbianism.

Is it weird all I can think of when some says they are waiting for the train, is sisters of mercy, nine while nine.

If you do ever get attacked by a group farel feminists you can fend them off with *********** and ******. Its just like crosses and garlic for vampires.

I had no idea that Dente was so devious...

ROFLMAO - These comments are hilarious and show the wit and intelligence of these people.

LOL, you have to pick a number;)

Pssh, they aren't waiting for the train, they drive like real men, either obnoxious muscle cars, finicky european makes, or gigantic SUVs, to make up for the penis envy.

You were funny before I even met you. :)

Not before I met her though. Ask her about an open mouthed thank you.

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