What Were They Thinking?

When feminism first came about, it seemed to have a good basis: to promote gender equality. However, it has done the exact opposite. Feminism has basically told us that the male gender role is superior, but that women should have an equal right to live out that role. I do agree that a woman should be free to live a traditionally male role if it suits them, but I hate that it is now expected. Women who choose to be mothers and housewives are looked down upon and even felt sorry for! Feminists seem to think that any woman who "chooses" the barefoot and pregnant path must not know that there are better choices. Surely such women have been brainwashed by their patriarchal family. 

Even though a housewife may spend more hours of her day working than her husband, she is not as respected for it. Seriously, what were feminists thinking? (fyi, I am not a mother and do not plan to be. I am in college and plan to complete graduate school. So, my opinions are not so biased :) )

And why did opening a door for a lady become an insult rather than the act of a gentleman? All the petty details of feminism annoy me to no end. So what if "mankind" is the default word for everybody? "Human" and "Woman" both contain the word "man," so it seems an efficient way to refer to the lot of us. Almost seems like the feminists should be happy to delete words like "she" and "woman" since we are all supposed to be acting like men anyway. haha.

Now, don't get me wrong, there were some issues that needed addressing in the early days. Namely, equal treatment and pay for women in the workplace and equal legal status in marriage. But like most movements for underrepresented groups, it got out of hand. 

Sometimes I think that pre-feminism women were treated better by men than they are now. 
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

Not really I would say. We feel subjugated by the invasive laws created to combat domestic violence which are highly distruptive and counter productive. Feminism support laws that are akin to witch hunt of men in relationships, painting women as victims and men always abusers. This created some severly controversial cases such as Mary Kellett of Maine - one of the most corrupted prosecutors who blatantly disregarded the law and misinterpreted the truth. Also Mike Nifong who is no longer even prosecutor, rightfully so. He continued to push for wildly unbelivable story of several innocent men being prosecuted for rape, when there was no evidence to back it up whatsoever. He nearly got it succeeded at the cost of millions of taxpayer's dollars and bankrupting those poor young men. Same happened to Mary Kellett's victims except worse.

Uh, no. When feminism was organized in the US at the Seneca Falls Conference in 1848 it had nothing to do with "promote gender equality." That lie was cooked up much later for political reasons. Feminists have never told the truth about anything, and never will. When feminism first came about their goal was to get women to destroy their marriages, leave their husbands, take his children, and still force men to support them. Feminism has always been about female power and subjugation of men.

@dozer-You sound qiute subjugated by women---resentfully so

Some of what you said I agree with. I have spent the last several months studying the feminist ideals. I can tell you with absolute certainty that feminist do not think that men are superior beings. Just the opposite. But they like to push the idea that women are still oppressed and men are still privileged. <br />
I am glad to see that you are questioning feminist ideals. I does my heart good to see that you haven't swallowed their indoctrination. Study feminism for yourself. But stay away from the women's study classes. That's where they will get you. Your on the right track. But keep your opinions to yourself while in college. Keep your head down. If you speak out against feminism do so anonymously. If they find out that you are against feminism they will come after you. Feminist are violent hateful people.

I can't argue with that.
They think males are inferior and that men are on top only because of force. Some have said that all men use the threat of rape to maintain our power.
You are on the right track.