I don't agree with Feminism. Men are superior, women are inferior. It's the way it should be.
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sorry but in which guideline for life did you read that this is how it "should" be? i can't seem to agree that men and women acting in the exact same ways can be treated so differently.

hell no you decide what u are. are u gonna give into what people say about woman or not care what people say and be yourself? well we know your choice but mine is different and I hope other women feel the same as me

i hate feminism but i wouldn't say that we are absolutely superior

To some it up, I'm trying to say that moderate feminism is okay, but much more and it gets stupid, I've seen some crazy videos of feninists

''moderate'' feminism is dead dude

It's dead among actual feminist activists. But there are still people that believe in it. They just don't speak out for feminism alone, moderate feminism is practiced by human rights activists.

yes, however i dont you think ''feminism'' will cease to exist and will transfer into ''humanism'' do you?

Because it is a human rights issue

Racism is a bigger problem and to only fight for rights for females is a little close minded sometimes. But it's similar to a business. There are people that focus in on certain tasks and then people that look I've everything. Feminists make all men look bad when they speak against the very few that rape/beat or otherwise abuse women, but from personal experience, I and most other people know that the average man would beat the **** out of another man abusing a woman. My dad knows a lot of people and has seen a lot of different sides of life, and I have run into conversations with him regarding abusive men. It's a terrible thing, but there isn't much you can do unfortunately. Some men just "turn" unexpectedly. I remember watching an anti rape video on YouTube from "fouseytube" and it displayed how easily any man could rape a woman and a spoke out against it.

i agree that racism is a bigger problem. And also feminists act like the average man is in support of these crimes against women, its simply not true.

i seen that video before lol. from 'fouseytube' but at the end of the day...its just a video with a demonstration. can't really go by that, but i see where your coming from.

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Men are superior in certain ways, but those are usually physical. But we couldn't physically exist without our mind, and that is where men am women are equal. Some people say feminism is about equal rights for men and women. But extreme feminists can be over the top. In America and other first world countries men and women are pretty equal. The opportunities are equal however, there are reasons that women make less money so sometimes. Some of those reasons relate to the fact that it is "traditional" for the woman in the house to stay out of work and handle the care taking of the child, and sometimes that may cause a wage difference over time. However, aren't women naturally better at carey along for children, I think evolution has made it that way. But regardless of that, women do make less than men sometimes, and the only reason for it is because it's bullshit. Obviously wage is only one battle, there's the fight of abortion, and the like, but I definitely do not think women as a whole are oppressed in America in the slightest. I do hate the fact that feminists Argue some weak points when compared to the way America treats men when it comes to war.

I have to agree with FeralKittenx here, she's obviously been raised properly, unlike most girls. More girls need to take note and realize that they would be happier if they just listen and obey their man.

Thank you :)

is this a joke?

Shake your head .... your eyes are stuck ! U also must believe in unequal pay too....it's the 21st century ... pull out of it ! Who are U to tell any woman how to act.... unless it's your wife... and then I pity the Hell out of her!!!