Feminism Destroying The West


I was taught as a child to study hard, get a meaningful degree, find an employer, get married, and have that white picket fence.  Wrong!  I was born in 1967, when the Baby Boomers, Generation Dope, was just getting started.  Eventually came white men need not apply.  Women don't know how to be women and men don't know how to be men.  It is perilous.  Feminism leads to multiculturalism leads to socialism leads to fascism.  I have never been married because I will not be lead around by the nose by feelings that have no basis in reality.  I believe feminism has given me the choice to either live with myself or live with a woman.

I have done some research over the base 3+ years.  I initially was studying labor and politics.  I have discovered that in the West all roads lead to feminism.  I hope you understand that global warming is a hoax: those poor, gentle Polar Bears.  The hoax is anchored by the United Nations' UNITED NATIONS frameWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE (http://unfccc.int/resource/docs/convkp/conveng.pdf).  The hoax of 'unisexism' as a right is anchored by the United Nations' CONVENTION ON THE ELIMINATION OF ALL FORMS OF DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN (http://www2.ohchr.org/english/law/cedaw.htm).

There is a reason women at large were never politically equal to men at large until about 90 years ago in Western civilization: that luxury was never a viable option.  In the long run, beyond the span of a people's living memory, it is not viable.  Politics is the mastery of jurisdiction by superior force.  Manhood is necessary for liberty, for self-government.  Unfortunately, the masses only learn from failure and not libraries.  Without State secession there are only monolithic rewards.

Let me confess that I have written a manuscript and am trying to self-publish it.  I am having a hard time marketing it because the sheep don't take to unpleasant possibilities.  That is how I discovered this social group, Experience Project > "I Am Against Feminism".  My website, if I may, is at cerebralshrapnel.com.

I will end with the false, linear political spectrum of left-right.  It is a palatable Democrat-Republican paradigm.  Either way We the People are screwed.  It used to be that liberals were manly men who were also traditional, depending on the situation.  Do you think the Americans of the Revolution limited themselves to only change or only tradition.  Back then there was an ideal of the man for all seasons.  Back then the progress of mankind was well know: Agriculture, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Industrial Revolution.  When women got the right to got, they said, "Now that's progress!"  Women took over the Progressive Era, the anti-monopoly movement.  The political movement in America against robber barrons, like the ones in health care or on Wall Street today.  A woman's progress takes the humanity train off the tracks.  Roaring twenties->Great Depression->Nanny State->Democratic Platform->Unfinished Business of WWI.

Ignorant men of today choose to either be intellectuals looking for positive change within the framework of feminism or traditionalists who are the antithesis of feminist progress.  I say progress belongs to men more than women because in general men are more politically capable than women.  Mothers raise young children who don't venture far outside.  Fathers raise older children who do.  Unfortunately, the young men who won WWII were so preoccupied with consolidating their military victory with economic might that they neglected to parent the Baby Boomers.  Generation Dope did not get the facts of life, they got the feelings of life from their mothers.  The American order built on WWII will not survive the political ascendancy of Baby Boomers.  If you want to understand that last statement, read The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe, in a library near you.  That's my story in late 2009.

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well stated, generally. Notice your critics use inflamatory, ba<x>seless insults, but bring no intellectual perspective to your argument. Typical of sheep..


Probably a reason for that<br />
and the piece of **** never backed up what she said either, filthy piece of ****.

On what grounds do you base that opinion?

shf84, you must be a shameful gay man.

I love feminism it has liberated men from degrading gender roles as well as women. I want nothing what so ever to do with any woman who will not stand up and be my equal.