Gay Adoption = Gay Child

just so you know all of those out there who are against gay adoption i am not just for the record but if i dont post something on your site you wont listen now will you?? if you think about it people are always saying God made adam and eve not adam and steve right?? well if God made us all then why would he send down someone who he hated and keep sending them down?? it just doesnt make sense and for those who say that a child needs both a mother and father figure there are single mothers and fathers out there who never get married again. these gay couples are trying to make a family they have two parental figures so it would be better for them to have it than for a single mother or father. im not saying single moms and dads dont do an amazing job im just going against your agrument and showing you how stupid it is.
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I will agree to disagree on this one because we have freedom of religion "picking a church is a right not a requirement" you honestly don't have to do anything but die :)

Why do you even bother posting in places like this? Trying to reason with unreasonable and delusional people absolutely pointless and gets nowhere. They will continue to worship their psychotic god no matter what you say. Trust me, I've even wasted some time trying to reason with these people. It is absolutely impossible.

so why did he make some of us gay,bi, or other?<br />
your thoughts are welcome.