I Am Against Lust.

Caused by the Media
A Harvard study was done in the 90's which proved that subliminal messaging is, indeed, affective. They had participants play video games that flashed words in the screen in which the participant was unaware of. Negative words kept the person playing significantly longer than those who were exposed to positive words.

Media is full of sexual subliminal messaging. Even kid's shows such as Rugrats and Teletubbies are full of innuendo's and sexual control:

Hormones in Foods
[quote] Breast growth at age 5? Stop! That can’t be a thing… Can it? It can. As Strollerderby has previously reported, girls as young as 7 are documented as having had their period. According to Jezebel, by age 7 an astounding 23% of African American girls are showing breast growth followed by 15% of Hispanic girls, 10% of Caucasian girls and only 2% of Asian girls. [endquote]http://tinyurl.com/hormonesource

Female hormones are pumped into chickens to make them grow much faster and greater. USDA and the FDA have have approved hormonal growth methods.

Childhood sexual abuse and exposure

Pagan gay sex worship in other cultures


Controlled school education

Awareness =/= phobia

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I love all this research! THANK YOU for making the smoking analogy, it was genius!

I like how you have in the picture at the avatar included the LGBT flag . Gay people don't hate you because you love someone. Why so you hate then?

No offense, but none of these are why I am gay. I am gay because it is a part of my genes. Stop promoting discrimination, wake up and smell the coffee. this is the 21st century, things are changing, for the better. With the new technology and statuses in society, we need to let go of homophobia, racism and sexism. You obviously have a very small minded opinion. Children kill themselves because of the hatred they endure. Love is love. Who cares about their sexuality?

Thanks for posting this bro

Oh dear.