Children B4 Marriage

I and others in the family or extended family, we were all taught not to have children before marriage.  (I don't have children).  If someone did, people would talk and talk (criticize) about that person and never hear the end of it.  Back then, I believed in it cause this is how we were raised or taught. My sentiment is neutral, I am not for it or against it.  It's like saying you need getting married before living together.  I am happy to be married but I don't think people need getting married if they don't wish to, same thing; if people wish to conceive before marriage or no marriage, then it is cool too.  Our choices and views are all different.
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I didn't get married until after having 2 kids. I was just afraid of getting married. But after talking about it with my now husband, we decided to tie the knot. We both agreed that we were absolutely going to be in each others lives forever. We planned a small wedding and got married about 6 weeks later. We got married on October 7th 2010 and have known each other for 12 years now.

SilverStar85: Congrats to you both - newlyweds. :)