Another Majestic Animal Gone

they inbreed these racing horses for speed and their for the leg bones of these animals are fragile.then they shoot them up with drugs where they don`t feel pain.then they make them run.and these idiots always try to look suprised when one dies from it.they make me sick.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
4 Responses Apr 5, 2009

I would ban the use of drugs as in the United Kingdom, because it does increase the risk of injury, although I believe Lasix is designed to prevent a horse from bursting (a blood vessel) . It's only when European horses race in the US that they are given Lasix, otherwise the US horses would have an unfair advantage. The thoroughbred gene pool is a closed pool, that's correct, but horses are not always bred purely for speed. In Europe, the top races are over 1.5 miles so there is more of a premium on stamina than in the US and the Epsom Derby, run over a very undulating track with twists, turns, downhill turns, and a stiff uphill finish on a camber is an incredible test for a racehorse, that can only be won by a very well balanced animal that is robust enough to withstand the pressures. That's the type we raelly want to breed from. Personally I feel there is too much mediocrity in racing, too many horses chasing minor rewards purely for the benefit of the bookmakers. However, if the horses were not racing, what would happen to them? Thoroughbreds are some of the most pampered animals in the world. The suggestion of introducing genes from wild horses is just stupid, and thin bones does not equal fragile bones. What ghostofmyself appears to be suggesting is that all racehorses suffer from osteoporosis, which is ridiculous. Although I never did Biology I do understand the anatomy of a racehorse.

i have taken biology,chemistry..etc.they have been so iinbred that there bones are fragile.if they would bred them with wild horses this problem of the animals dieing would eventually stop.what do you think they are pumping them so full of drugs for?to make it where they don`t feel their bones fracture.

ur right i'm against horse racing also. if u want to do something about write to ur senators, congress, president. get a petition started. i'm an animal activist n i don't believe in using animals 4 money gains. there r 2 many of these horses getting killed n there needs to b a stricter laws on these horse racing. we will never b able 2 stop the horse racing but we could put stricter laws n codes on how it should b handled.

my grandparents made alot of money having there horses raced. I see nothing wrong with it.