And to think it still happens is simply terrifying. I've seen some documentaries and apparently it's a growing "fad" for the pimp traffickers to send defenseless people (particularly young women) to Asian countries and sell them as prostitutes.
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The explosive growth of human trafficking in the last decade have brought many new fetishes to the **** industry. Each one is sicker than the previous one. There is no limit to the evils of man's mind. We definitely need God.

hahaha ScientistPaul I know what you mean, but I guess the only reason for it is because people are actually for it..idk..

There's nothing more evil than those who would take advantage and profit from a person's despiration. It's just sickining.<br />
<br />
On another, lighter, note I'm suprised this experience group exists. It would imply that there are people on EP who are for human trafficing? Idk, it just seems a lil silly to me is all, like a group 'I am against rape, torture, and murder'. Well I should certainly hope so! Like really, is that a nessisary statement, is it no longer assumed people are against this horible thing? Is it a controvercy now? Cuz last time I checked, the owning of people is almost completely abhord.<br />
It just seemed funny is all, like making a group 'I prefer to be happy than sad' or 'I am currently alive'. Idk, I don't mean to be insensitive or anything, I agree with this group it's just, it's like making a group 'I am against racism' you know, like nobodys pro-racism. I just found the statement of the obious funny is all, cuz who's going to be like 'I certainly don't belong here, this doesn't describe me at all!' now imagine that being said about the group 'I have lungs' that's what made me find it funny.<br />
<br />
Disclaimer: I do not find the subject of human trafficing funny.