Stop The Traffik

It is unbelievable that in our so-called educated and enlightened world, people are still used as commodities. Children are used as free labour; people are sold into prostitution...

This is why I support Stop the Traffik.

Stop the Traffik is a growing global movement of individuals, communities and organisations fighting to prevent the sale of people, protect the trafficked and prosecute the traffickers.
Stop the Traffik was set up in 2006 to
• Educate: raise awareness and understanding of human trafficking and what can be done about it
• Advocate: engage with communities and professionals to create an environment where it is harder to traffik, hide and exploit people
• Fundraise: financing Stop the Traffik projects and anti-trafficking activities around the world which work with advocates, those vulnerable to and those who have been, trafficked.

Their motto: people shouldn't be bought and sold.

They are behind the campaign for fair trade chocolate, for instance; asking chocolate companies to ensure that the ingredients they use do not come from farms using free child labour.
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