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Thank You Letter to Mario Lopez

Let's all thank Mario Lopez for speaking out against infant circumcision!  There's a place at to send him a thank you letter.  You can copy and paste the sample letter into the "message for Mario" box there or customize your own.  They have a place for you to add a photo too if you wish.

Here's a copy of the sample letter from that site: 

Dear Mario Lopez,
My name is _________, and I was writing to you because I wanted to thank you for openly taking a stand against circumcision on your show. As a human rights activist, I believe that circumcising a healthy child with absolutely no medical indication is needless mutilation and a voilation of basic human rights.
I'm not sure if you are aware, Mario, but the media in this country is vehemently pro-circumcision. News outlets are always ready to publish the latest "studies" that say circumcision "might" prevent this or that, having intact organs is openly slandered as being "disgusting and gross" on movies and television, and celebrities openly announce their children's circumcisions. It seems to be fine that stars like Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Sandra Bullock can openly announce that their boys would be circumcised in Jewish brisses, but apparently there is something wrong when somebody like you openly refuses to circumcise their children. Why is this?
Mario, I just wanted to thank you. THANK you so very much for openly taking a stand against circumcision. You are the first celebrity that I have ever heard of who has openly taken a stance against circumcising his/her children. Yours is a powerful argument: "god makes no mistakes." I hope that you are not the first, and that you have set a trend for other celebrities to follow.
Mario, America is in the dark. While other countries in the world acknowledge the foreskin as a normal and healthy body part, it is absent in American curriculum, American awareness, and the American psyche. Male human anatomy is often portrayed in American textbooks as being circumcised, and if the foreskin is ever mentioned, it is in the context of circumcision. The only thing most American medical students learn concerning the foreskin is how to cut it off. As a result, thousands of baby boys are needlessly circumcised a year, at the expense of their basic individual human rights.

I write not only to commend you for taking a stand, but also to ask that, if you can, you use your celebrity status to help bring awareness to America regarding circumcision and the development of normal, healthy male anatomy. There are groups in this country who are dedicated to raising awareness and informing parents regarding circumcision and intactness, including NOCIRC, Intact America, Saving Penises and The WHOLE Network.

Yours is a powerful voice, Mario, and it is greatly needed in a media that is vehemently pro-circumcision. It is my hope that you can lend support to any of these organizations and help bring awareness of the needlessness of circumcision in this country. There is no shortage of pro-circumcision voices in this country; we need someone who is brave enough to take a stand against the status quo. Even in the event where circumstances do not allow you to openly express support to any of these organizations, I'd like to express great thanks to you for openly taking a stand against circumcision at any rate.
Mario, THANK you for taking a stand. Intactivists at all the aforementioned organizations, and all around the country, greatly appreciate your courage.
Very truly yours,

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aroserises aroserises 51-55, F 6 Responses Aug 20, 2011

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Aroserises:I appreciate your activism in promoting natural world values including intactivism that was part of my family heritage. If you were single and searching for your soul mate, would you consider or reject long term love interest who is cut? The question would be similar for me if dating and learning a lady had had radical surgery due to breast cancer. Would a "damaged goods" person be ruled out in your selection of life partner for intimacy? I am asking myself the same this morning and am very interested in your thoughts - because of your refreshing inclusion of spiritual views and values in EP discussion. Sincerely, Grant66

You are very welcome eyesapoppin. I'm more than happy to do it. Thanks for your supportive comment. :)

Thank you, billuvsanu. Those are all good reasons to not get circumcised. I'm sure there are others, but David Reimer (also known as John/Joan/Brenda) is someone that had been "gender reassigned" after the doctor burned off nearly all of his penis during the circumcision. It's such a sad story on many levels. He and his identical twin were so fortunate to be spared from newborn circumcision. At eight months, their doctor decided they had a medical problem that required circumcision. Nearly all so called "medical reasons" for circumcision can be taken care of without harming the foreskin. David did what he could as an adult to correct some of the harm done to him by surgically trying to recreate a penis-like structure, but there's only so much that can be done. He later committed suicide.

There is a website that gives lots of reasons not to be circumsised. There is another site that shows a baby getting infected from it and some getting mishapen from it and even them dying from it. They get infected too. A doctor gave a baby boy gender resignment sugery when he probably cut too much off. Also, some leave parts of the forskin on or make some are left mishapen. Also, some may become austisic from the nerves being removed. I have autism my self. I saw there is female circumsion too and a girl escaped country in Afria from it and asked for asylm. If a girls do not have it done so boys should not either. The website says that doctors enjoy doing this and seeing the baby bleed.

Thank you RosaElaPilarGoens for your supportive comment... and you were able to do it in just one word!