In Bioengineering Class Today...

We learned about artificial skin grafts. They use a biodegradable scaffolding seeded with skin cells. Guess where the cells are from?


Neonatal foreskins. Hahahaha

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We don't need those anymore, check out the Nobel Prize from last year for creating pluripotent cells from adult cells. Search: "The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012
Sir John B. Gurdon, Shinya Yamanaka".

"Yea theres actually a big circumcision lobby in Washington that acts on behalf of the foreskin mongers."<br />
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Awful,and reminds me that when we give blood at the friendly bloodbank,the recipients of the blood are forced to pay bigtime bucks for what I gave away.<br />
ALSO<br />
This reminds me of organ harvesting.<br />
If you have it on your drivers licence that you are a donor...and you show up at the ER unconcious....<br />

ok, if they are selling the foreskin of infant boys then they need to stop charging for the service or let the guys who have it done get a kick back of some kind. Is there anything companies will not use to make money off of people?

What companies buy neonatal foreskins? Do hospitals/circumcisers have a profit motive? Is there an industry motive to continue newborn circumcision?

We should be glad that something as ugly and unhygienic as a foreskin can serve some useful purpose...

A few women are foreskin fetishists. They'll still have an ample supply to choose from...