Born Intact, Circumcised Against My Will At 12 Years Old

When I was 12 became ill with an infected Appendix. My mother requested that I be circumcised when under anesthesia for the Appendix removal. They circumcised me and botched the job. Part of my glans was severed and they had to call in a Urologist to re-attach it.

The re-attachment of my glans didn't heal well. When I was 14 I had to go in for another operation to correct the problem and remove some scar tissue. To this day I have only very slight sensation in my glans. It has affected my personal life with relationships with women.

As you might expect I was very, very angry with my Mother. At first she was not concerned and brushed off my anger, that was until she saw the damage that was done. She felt guilty and even more so after I have to go back in under the knife when I was 14. At that point I stopped speaking to her.

My Father was beyond angry. They had divorced when I was 11. I asked my Father if I could move in with him, he more or less demanded it from my Mother.

For some sick a twisted reason, my 16 year old sister thought my mangled manhood was funny. I haven't spoken to her in 10 years and have no plans to do so in the future.

For any parent considering circumcision, DON'T DO IT. You will be cutting off a part of your son's penis that serves a vital function in protection of the glans and your son's future sexual life.

Female circumcision is seen as barbaric mutilation. Male circumcision is the same, a barbarous mutilation for aesthetics or health benefits which have been proven to be questionable at best and outright lies at the worst.
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I can't blame you for not speaking to you mother. Sounds like a stupid woman.

Why did your mother have you circumcised?

This is a totally invented horror story, the type intactivists invent like Christians invented martyrs fed to lions in order to spread their faith. A 12-year old glans doesn't get mangled in any type of circumcision. You don't reattach parts of the glans, since it would have meant keeping them in the fridge for that purpose for two years. Total bullshit.

If you read this please contact me via my website Your experience may be able to help others.

I'm so sorry for what you had to go through. My life and well-being was senselessly risked on my first day of said life, and mine was a botch too. I was lucky though, for my complication was not as severe as what you went through. I feel for you brother. I also hate how people try to downplay this or act like it's funny. It is a human rights violation that needs to come to an end!

So sad, that your Mother took your normal sex life away. I am hoping you can get some sensation back by restoring and some peace of mind from educating others about how circumcision has affected your life. I wish you well.

Restoring the foreskin isn't the issue, it's the nerve damage and subsequent keratinization of the glans that is the issue. I've been to a few top notch specialists and the possible outcome is iffy at best. Microsurgery and possible nerve grafts might help, but the damage was/is a bit extensive.

Everyone should read your story. I'm so sorry this happened to you :(

I am so sorry to hear that has happened to you :(

I have 3 intact sons to two different fathers and both fathers were circumcised as babies and wanted their sons to be circumcised too. I put my foot down big time and said absolutely NOT! That what their parents had done to them was mutilation and went on to explain it all to them. They came back with but they will see I am different. And i said, and then we will explain to them what your parents did to you.

Very uncaring females in your family to dismiss it or make fun of it. Please know that not all females are like that. My sons are now 29, 21 and 16 and still intact as they should be.