Circumcision In Tv And Movies

I was reading this page There's a link at the bottom that addresses movies but I haven't read that page yet.

I am an actor myself and as such I wanted to say something about this. Some of these shows have episodes were Circumcision is presented as a good thing and a character in the show ends up being Circumcised. These shows disgust me.

There are a few that show Circumcision as a bad thing and no one goes under the knife. That's something I wouldn't mind being a part of.

If I got handed a script that disgusts me I would personally make changes to it. Whoever was suppose to get circumcised in the original script instead wouldn't be. Or if the script isn't clear about weather or not they had it done I'd make it clear they didn't.

I'd probably risk my job and the revised script would most likely never be filmed but I'd gladly risk it for even the tiniest possibility of getting the script changed.

Considering the plot is about circumcision there are still going to be some characters who are for it. I wouldn't mind playing such a character as long as the story line portrays them as villains or just plain stupid. If they're played off as good guys then I wouldn't touch that with a 10 foot pole. Playing an ignorant pro-circ nut is really no different than playing a murderer. That being said I don't know if I could play a part like that convincingly.

In high school when I needed to act like I was sad because my daughter had died I really had no way of knowing what it was like to loose a daughter. I don't have any kids. But I had lost my great grandmother so in my head I was thinking about her when my character was talking about his daughter. If I'm playing someone who is pro-circ I'm not sure how to work that out in my head so that the character sounds real. I think I'd rather play a murderer, that seems a lot easier to work out than trying to make an argument for circumcision sound convincing. Maybe if I replace getting your foreskin cut off to getting a hair cut.

I guess I really shouldn't think about it too much as it will probably never happen anyway.
MarvinAdams42 MarvinAdams42
22-25, M
Nov 28, 2012