I do not understand the ignorance of people when it comes to an infants genitals. Why is it okay to remove 20,000 nerve endings, 300ft of blood vessels, and 16+ functions from a male, but it is illegal to remove 6,000 nerve endings from a female?

Why do parents allow their children to be subjected to this rape and abuse? It breaks my heart every time I see a picture of a freshly skinned infant. You can see the shock and blankness in their eyes.

You are supposed to protect your babies, not pay someone to sexually assault and mutilate them. Shame on you.
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i am glad i am circumcised my buddy is not and he hates it wished his parents would have had it done as a child.

I miss mine so much ....

): Did you choose to be circumcised as an adult?

Childhood didn't have a say in the matter ..

Have you looked into restoration?

I would prefer having the whole thing removed ..


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well, is your hubby circumcised? You do not need to say, but many men are and don't give it much thought. I am not saying its right or wrong. Just pondering.

He is, but we are working on restoration. It has caused us both a lot of discomfort and pain.

k ic great

You are so right. Yet many parents don't even think about it before doing life altering damage to their sons. And ironically, many then freak out if their son wants a shocking body mod like a tattoo! Shameful, indeed!

My parents didn't let me get a tattoo, I had to wait until I was 18. If I had been a boy my genitals would have been sliced for cosmetic purposes. I have changed my mothers mind and she is now an intactivist too<3

If only more people understood it