It Should Be Illegal

it is child abuse plain and simple. i disowned my mother for it. any parent that would allow such an attrocity should be imprisoned.

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3 Responses Oct 17, 2009

Yes, you are right. It is Child Abuse, in that it abuses the child's inability to say "No, I will make my own decision when I am 18 and until then leave MY body alone."<br />
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I am from southern Europe and I will not succumb to 'America bashing', but I think you are right. It was seen as a way of being somehow superior. In the UK it was progressed by puritanical Victorian attitudes which remained until the 80's. In Africa it is still seen as a way of preventing STD's and AIDS, which is utter nonsense and in Eastern and Central Europe certain religious groups maintain their dark age rituals.

I have always said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I am so glad I was not born a male for surely I would have been subjected to this horrid sexual ritual. As it is, I avoided it by my gender and my sons avoided it because of the research I did during the first one's pregnancy. I wouldn't have gone as far as disowning my parents but they would have never been allowed to forget my extreme disgust and uttter horror of having that done on me. And yes, I agree that RIC is child abuse.

Right on!!! I have 3 sons and none are circumcised. I think its a horrible ritual and honestly its not even medically neccesary.