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Why Are We Putting Our Baby Boys At Risk?

Newborn male circumcision is the most common surgical procedure performed in the U.S. Many people believe that there are tangible health benefits to male circumcision, but the truth is no medical society in the world recommends it. In fact, the American Medical Association calls the surgery "non-therapeutic." What’s worse, over 100 babies die as a result of complications from circumcision in the U.S. each year.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is developing public health recommendations for the U.S. on male circumcision - ignoring the serious risks such as hemorrhage, infection, surgical mishap, and death - in favor of highly debatable and inconclusive research.

The CDC is the foremost expert on public health in our country and, as such, has a responsibility to share the truth about circumcision.

I just took action, signing a petition to the CDC, demanding the organization release a truthful statement on the harms and risks of circumcision.

If you believe as I do, that we should protect newborn babies from harmful and unnecessary surgery, then join me by going to the link below and "signing" the petition:


Thank you!


(Note:  This is the same story and petition as in EP Link)

aroserises aroserises 51-55, F 12 Responses Apr 13, 2010

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I'm so sorry that was done to you Morningstar45. The thought of it makes my blood boil and I'm trying to prevent it from happening to others.

Thank you Zultfrog for reminding me of that tragic story. If it's the same one I was thinking of, his name was David Reimer and his story can be read about online.

I had the "procedure" done when I was a day old. I went and looked up how it is carried out a couple of years ago. I am looking for that Doctor still.

That is a valid point SaunaGuy about other parts more likely to get sick not being routinely removed while still healthy. If we had to remove any part that could get sick, there wouldn't be anything left!

You are right Becnme; botched circumcisions can cause further damage. I continually pray that the practice will be forever banned. I'm very happy to hear you left your son untouched! :)

I wonder how many males are out there that have been transformed into females because of botched circumcisions. This is another reason to ban the practice. My own son we left untouched.

Good for you. My parents were very understanding about leaving me with everything I was born with.

I agree with this statement from that link: <br /><br />
<br />
"Because infant circumcision is elective, all of these deaths are avoidable." What a sobering thought!

I am thankfully intact and will check out the link. I know personally a woman who, against her wishes, allowed her husband to require their newborn son to be circumcised and it was totally botched. The baby had to go through two more surgeries and is now an 11 year old with a badly scarred and slightly deformed penis.

Thank you for the circumcision deaths link, Mngrl. I'll check it out.

Thank you for your support Dear LordVoldemort! It's very sad that yes, they are still doing it in the U.S. It's gradually becoming less popular as people are starting to become informed.

I didn't know they do it in US!<br />
<br />
Well spoken, thank you for such an informative post

Thank you for your support OrionX. It is much appreciated with this difficult subject.

Well said, aroserises. It's so important that we all continue to speak out against this unnecessary and, tragically, sometimes fatal, procedure of circumcision on infants.