The Cove

Just watched an unbelievable documentary called "The Cove", about the Japanese dolphin trade, in which dolphins are taken into captivity (several hundred at a time) and sold to aquariums where they are mistreated and become severely depressed. The ones that aren't chosen for captivity are slaughtered. If you think aqua...riums are all fun and games, watch this film. You WILL think otherwise. Absolutely sickening.

And how about this fact: An estimated 23,000 dolphins and porpoises are killed in Japan each year. They literally SELL dolphin meat AT the the dolphinarium (the Japanese equivalent of SeaWorld). I am NEVER EVER visiting to a zoo/aquarium/any place with wild animals in captivity EVER again. That is a promise.

This film was shown on Animal Planet recently. I recommend seeing it, as well as telling everyone you know about it. Exposure is the only way to begin fighting this atrocity. The killing season started once again yesterday. :(

It won an Oscar this year. Not easy to watch but so necessary so get the word out. Even most Japanese people don't know about it because it'd covered up by the media.

The sickest thing about it is the way they stab them and let them swim around and bleed to death. Dolphins are conscious creatures like humans. They can recognize their own reflections, and can anticipate danger. They even have a history of saving human lives!! So many animals are suffering like they are. It's just SO SO sad.

Get the word out!
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Iv seen this a long time ago.

Made me so pissed off...

I know some say it's hard to "pull the trigger," but I feel like I wouldn't have a problem...when it comes to idiotic people who kill animals in such a harsh way.

****** up world...Sometimes I think, this world is better off without humans.