No,wild Animals Don`t Love Their New "home"

 animals that roamed hundreds of miles don`t like being couped up in tiny "habbitats".and no,we are not learning about how they act in the wild.ever see lion and tigers pacing in these enclousers?it is like mental illness in humans.and we caused want to help animals?don`t confine them.and proctect them.i not a peta nut,but it is true.we are not helping them.and to those who say we should turn the orca back to the wild,the question is,after years of confinement will it be able to live on it`s on?there should be a ban on any more animals being put in zoo`s or in the public`s home.they are dangerous.we are there prey.and they will never be tame.

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

I am, so in agreement with you there, my friend! Even, as a child i wouldn't go to a circus, or go to the zoo :-( I hated seeing the poor things used and exploited by greed! <br />
I believe there should be a ban on keeping ''wild animals' in zoo's or circus's or anywhere, except their natural habitat! :-)