Men Are People Too

Contrary to popular belief the sexes are more alike than people think. Sure there are some very obvious and some subtle differences but Men and Women are first and for most, People. Men and Women both have feelings and emotions, they have thoughts and ideas, dreams and aspirations. While man may express these things differently than women do, they are no less important or valid. Snide comments, sexist remarks and put downs still hurt and just because it's about or said to a man doesn't make it any more okay than if it was said about a woman. I'm not saying men are perfect, every person as their faults, what I am saying is that the misandry in the world has gotten out of hand and I for one would like to see it stop.
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Love your story! Thank you for sharing your views on men and women with us. I agree with your views 100%!

<p>You better save a copy of this and a link. The feminist hate team will soon have it flagged into EP Jail.</P><br />
And they will likely flag a bunch of your other posts into EP Jail and send lots of complaints to EP management. That's who they are. Misandry is alive and well on EP.

I'm very sad to say you are likely right. The thing that ticks me off is that the EP moderators allow them to get away with it. First amendment anyone??? Just sayin...

Yesterday I also commented on a story called "I'm not a feminist" from an EP group called "I Am A Feminist." This morning I have a "your activity" flag because someone commented on my comment, but the story has been flagged into EP Jail by the feminist hate pack. When I try to follow the link from my "activity" flag, it just takes me to the EP list of recent stories. The other story is still there, it just can't be found without a special saved link. Unfortunately for men, EP Management is part of the feminist hate group that supports feminist hate.

I think a lot of the world is bent that way which is a shame and totally unfair. Of course, who ever said life was fair, eh?

Amen. My friend you are a MRA and ou may not even know it. You don't have to do things the way I do it to be an MRA. All you have to do is speak up and out about mens issues just like you are doing here. Congratulations and welcome to the club. Ma I suggest that you pay a visit to Girlwriteswhat YouTube channel and to

Thank you Sir Knight (I've always wanted to say that. lol :-P

Lol. You are most welcome "My lady". Lol

Sorry to sound ignorant, but not being from an English speaking background: What is an MRA? And then to put you guys out of your misery: If men are the second worst thing in the world, what is the worst? .......
No men! (Of course! - I love you guys and the world would be a sad place without you!!!)

MRA= Men's Rights Activist

Yes. And mrm means men's rights movement.

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That suggestion contradicts the feminist definition, "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." There is no place in feminism for men to be people.

lol I know right? It's silliness! People are people no matter their gender, etc.