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If Evolution is not taught in schools, then religion has no place either.
I remember in high school, we spent a term talking about evolution AND religion. I think it was the most influencial class I ever had. I learnt more about the ideals and concepts of religion and evolution. The idea of the class was more about developing your own opinions I think. But it was an amazing class. We are not all mindless sheep, even if some is false, if an idea is not what you believe in, it is still OK to hear the other side of the story (or in this case theory).
People need to stress the f*** out when talking about religion. It CAN be calmly spoken about, and everybody has the right to their own opinions.
TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp 22-25, M 15 Responses Aug 11, 2010

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The thing that disappoints me is that many Christians remain scared of the theory of evolution, and intimidated by the "science" thereof. The problem with evolution is not the consideration of the idea, but the massive support and endorsement that it continues to receive, creating the perception that it is a tried and tested theory... which it simply is'nt. A thorough personal study of the theory of evolution in fact reveals its massive flaws, and since God is the creator of science, an indepth study of evolution will lead the scholar back to God. Science does not prove evolution, but creation. The mass of lay-evolutionists are lazy students who fail to do proper research, settling for the conclusions of others. This is an important field of study and deserves to be taken seriously. The study of the theory of evolution has bolstered my faith in creation.

We need so much information that all traditional beliefs have failed. People are quitting religion (by studies performed) faster now than ever before.

"If Evolution is not taught in schools, then religion has no place either."<br />
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To a degree, I agree.<br />
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My problem with the concept is that it is naive to think that a completely worldview-neutral public school (or private school, for that matter) education is possible. It's not. Have you ever met people who tried their best not to ever give away any opinions or biases unless it was asked of them? I used to be that person. It was exhausting, and fairly impossible. It didn't last 9 months-- much less 12 years, and beyond.<br />
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Somebody's view is going to get taught. I'm not making claims here about what it should be, but I resent people convincing the public that they're attaining neutral education by eliminating religion (or, certain religion) from the schools. That is actually one of the few things that makes me quite angry.

Parents violate their children's God-given free will by indoctrinating them in such a way that the kids are uncomfortable exploring other ideas. Keyword Religious Indoctrination -- much has been written about this type of religious abuse. <br />
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Children need to grow up free to explore and make up their own minds. When the parents choose a particular church and then force their kids (even sometimes upon shunning or threats of excommunication from the church or expulsion rom the family -- they are engaging in a serious form of child abuse. And they will answer for that...

Some of us did not :P but we found the way ourselves.

I just wish everyone got that oppurtunity though..........

I am very glad that you were given the opportunity to make up your OWN mind, sweet pea! You are smart enough to think for yourself! :)

I bet they couldn't say anything which is Silly

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I never thought about it that way, but true =)

At least there's the chance of it backfiring in their faces! :D

EXACTLY!!!!!!!! I don't think children should be forced into ANY of their parents beliefs on religion/ evolution. It is a personal choice, not something you should be forced into believing/ not believing

Well.. They are different then. Unless it's two people debating which is true.<br />
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One looking to choose between evolution or creation wouldn't see it as a battle. But they should learn both sides, as you say. Without outside influence.<br />
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But that aside, I don't like when parent's force religion on their children. Kids not being taught evolution are just falling more in line with their parents wishes. The child is their own person, so it's their choice.<br />
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All in all, school is about learning. Let them learn all they can, right?

I don't think its all that different tbh Turbulence. The only diffence is there can be a winner and a loser in war, and I don't think there could be a winner in the debate between religion/ evolution. Bith sides have too many flaws in their arguments to prove/ disprove one another. I think both sides of the arguements need to be listened to though, so one can make their own opinions

Totally agree.<br />
<br />
I feel like making the comparison, War. If both sides never listened to the other, they'll just keep fighting each other until one is eradicated. Learning both sides of the fight helps find a resolution.<br />
That could be a completely different idea though.. >.>

Even if you disagree with something, its still good to learn about anothers thoughts and beliefs.

Yeah, we want the next generation being open minded. They are the future of us. <br />
<br />
For the record though, my teacher taught us evolution, and there was nothing to do with religion except "for one nation, under god, etc" Because they didn't want to bother people with other religious beliefs. Some of my class said "Well, I still believe in creation." but they listened and learned.