Against Teachings

Evolutiion is against the teachings of God and creation. I will not allow my child to attend any of these classes, discussions or listen to false douctrine of any form. We are Christians and we believe in the LOrd and I will not let them believe we evolved from fishes or monkeys. Science is science and God is God and creation and they will never be the same or near the same. There is a plan that our Lord has for us and we believe in him and his word.

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Evolution = Science, which can be demonstrated / proven God = Fiction, cannot be proven or demonstrated. It really is that simple.

I'm sorry but you folks are living in the dark ages. The rest of the world is laughing at you. Even the Catholic Church recognizes that evolution is a scientifically valid theory. Most Christian people in the world have no problem whatsoever accepting this. It's just the Americans for some reason who are looking really dumb to the rest of the world when they go and interfere with the education of our children with this nonsense. But then again gravity is just a theory too. Maybe you'll just decide not to believe in that either and you'll all float away.

i agree with ok heres my 2 cents guy children have the right to be taught all of the angles not just creationism which is really just ridiculus have any of you people had an unbrain washed thought in your lives

I know I agree. My daughter and son got on the school bus ~ they asked a little girl if she believed in God. She said, "There is no God", they said, yes, there is!!! The bus driver intervened and said to that little girl, "They are right, and you are wrong, and you are missing out!"<br />
I remember teachings on that in our school. Ape things turning into humans over a period of time.<br />
I don't know where that came from!!!

Evolution is based on Darwins theory that we evolved from animals whereas God teaches us that man was created in his image. God created us and it is by our choice that we follow his teachings if we are to enter the kingdom. We are all his children and without him to guide us we fall prey to the adversary. the devil who by every moment is waiting to capture another soul. Keep your faith strong in the Lord and you will still have problems but in the end you have learned somethning that the Lord needs you to know. Children are very easily led and they are targets of he devil because of it. We see today the tragedys that they commkit and it is because they are not being taught the word of the father by their parents. You all sound like you love the Lord and thats a good thing and my prayers ae with you!!!!

schools don't actually teach evolution as truth, they teach it as a theory which is what it is, and so is creation. There is no actual proof on either of them. If evolution effects your beliefs then maybe you don't have faith in creationism.

I agree Ropin,But I want to be the one to tell them about it,So I can inturn discredit it with God's word.The school system teaches that evolution is truth and I don't agree with that.I don't want them to be confused about it,But I don't want them thinking that evolution is how we came to be.Gosh,I got some prayin to do,(:__I understand the thing about when they get older then hearing about it,being confused,that makes sense,Thanks for pointing that out.((HUGS))But I still don't want them being taught about it at school.

Pardon me for crossing the fence, but I'm a bit unclear about one point, and maybe somebody could help me understand this a little better. What is it specifically about evolution that goes against the teachings of Christ?

Amen, Grits! I totally agree!

I agree that you should teach your child The LORD's way and His word, but wouldn't it confuse him/her once they graduate and hear about evolution? Not so much from a spiritual standpoint, but from a mental standpoint, wouldn't that confuse them when they heard about it? The truth is that everyone will eventually hear about evolution in their can't avoid it. So it's best that they get exposed to it when they're young.

ropin i agree with you. I was taught both in school. Christians have to live in this world and not be a part of the world. This means we have to live and teach our children our faith while at the same time allowing them to see and know what the world is teaching. Every person is giving the free will to choose. The best thing we as parents can give to our children is the knowledge and ability to make sound informed decisions. To do this they need to know. My children came along in school when the creation as taught to me in school no longer is taught. I had to take the time to teach them and still take the time to teach them what the school is not. All one has to do is look at the morals and values of the country now as a whole and see what taking God out of our schools has done to our young people. Everything begins and ends in the home. If it is not started there and ends there then the school and the outside world will become the teacher and the child is the one who looses in the end. Let you child in the class but take the time to teach them what you believe. If you still do not want to have your child learn what the school is teaching. Either put them in a school that does teach what you want or home school them. You have a choice. What ever you do give your children the information on everything not just what you want them to know. Please don't beome one of the few who give Christians a bad name or become one of those parents that use your children to make a point about something you do not like the way so many others do.<br />
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Your children will listen to you far more than you think they will. To this day all of my children still come to me (even the ones in college) and asked me if what they are being told is right in God's eyes. Their believing and choosing God begins with you. Don't miss the chance to be the one to see your children choose God over the world by your actions. Teach them how to recognize the difference in God's way and the world's way. In doing this they will accept God's way.

God's word says train a child in the way they should go..It also say that if You bring Your child up in the way of the Lord and when their old they won't depart from it.If My child is taught of the Lord and creation,Then I see no need for them to be taught of evolution.I agree with RESCUE on this one...I have to stand before God and answer to Him...Not Man.

Okay, here's my two cents.<br />
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I went to a private Christian school, and I currently go to a private Christian university. Yes, we were taught creation. the same token, we were also taught evolution. Which is honestly what I think they should teach in ALL schools. It's not right to force your Christian beliefs on have to ACCEPT Christ into your heart and develop your own faith. And if God's Word is the only thing you have ever heard, you can't really accept Him. You just don't know any better. Ignorance is not bliss...the truth is that if they're not taught evolution in school, they will eventually hear about it later on in the "real world."<br />
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I'm not saying they should be taught to BELIEVE evolution. They should be taught not to believe everything they hear. Not only should they be taught what scientists believe about evolution, but they should also be taught the downfalls of the theory. Then, they can hear both theories, and hopefully they will choose creation. That's YOUR job as a parent. Tell them what you believe in. Tell them about your Christian beliefs and why you believe them, and why you want them to accept Christ too. Just don't FORCE it on them. They have to have FAITH. In order to believe something through faith, they have to be exposed to other views too and make the choice to believe.

Why should We as children of God allow our children,that We have taken the vow to raise in the way of the Lord,to hear and learn about something that goes against what His word says.<br />
Yes grades are important so children can have a career,BUT...Evolution is not one of those "have to have" grade points.<br />
I WILL NOT allow My kids to be taught foolishness and mockery.Thats what evolution is..Its foolish..And it basically mocks God's word.<br />
I'm thinking seriously about enrolling My kids into a wonderful Private Christian school we have here.So They will be taught of creation and not evilution(not a typo.)<br />
I want My kids to have a great education but not at the expense of their souls.You accept evolution and You deny God! plain and simple.

Grades are not that important if they go against god and his teachings. We must take a stand for God and his truth if we are to be called Christians. I will not have to answer to the schools when I come to judgement before God but I will have to answer to him why I went against his word. God watches over his children and Im sure he will watch over mine if I dont allow them to partake in nonsence. To know God is to study many years of his word and to see his plan for mankind and believe me you can think what you will but I will be much safer my way.