My children are in the public school system in my small town. Today, as I was visiting the school, I noticed a uniformed police officer in the school with a dog. I was immediately furious and still am. There was no parental notification or consideration in the matter. I think that this reaction to school shootings is only a step in the wrong direction. It is a band-aid measure on a gun shot wound; a misguided attempt to assume an illusion of safety elicited out of fear.

While there is not correlative research to whether police protection in schools is beneficial or not, some research suggests that “Some surveillance measures may actually make students feel targeted and increase the sense of alienation that appears to be at the root of some recent school shootings” (Kalb 1999). If this isn't enough, are we really fans of strengthening the police state? Apparently so, as I spoke to the superintendent of the school district who single-handedly made the decision. Which doesn't matter because he states that the school board is on the same page and that they are pursuing a grant to fund even more police protection.

I don't understand how I can be the only one who sees this as a step in the wrong direction. It's like, sit back and kick off your shoes, people. The police got this. How is that going to help? This nation is doomed.
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lol parental notification? Are you serious? As a parent, you should be ecstatic there is a cop at the school to protect YOUR kid.

You live in a small town - try living in a realistic world where there is violence and stupid people.