Think Beautifully... Please Beware These Body Predators...

Young (and older) people of all genders and creeds can feel the pressure of the "beauty myth".

Pro anorexia and pro bulimia sites encourage the views of twisted minds. Thin should never be in, but a beautiful love for oneself should always be "cool".

We need to be mindful also of the condition called orthorexia, where a person becomes obsessed with only eating healthy food. Sufferers feel extreme guilt when they "slip-up" and often don't go out to eat for fear of being ridiculed for meal choices.

Another concern is men and women who are "feeders" and will force their significant others to gain excessive amounts of weight. Deaths have occurred in many cases due to people's fear of further abuse if they escape their fat fetish partners.

Please join me in fostering beauty of the mind.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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10 Responses Jan 2, 2010

i found many times groups bout proana..but sometimes if someone contacts me idk what to tell them.....

Speaking as someone that has battled an eating disorder it makes me tearful when I see these groups. Thank you TRW.

You gotta die someway. All humans are self destructive in some way so its gonna happen. Just gotta pick your poison.

Hahaha. x

I try, but she is much smaller than me so if i do duck i just get a punch in the face aswell.... don't matter though cuz I got a water pistol.... I hear they melt when squirted.

I am happy that your sister is back to a beautiful mind, PriestAzrael. Remember, duck and weave. :)

my sister had to visit the hospital every so often as she was anorexic and would only eat organics etc (the good food) she is fine now, its the younger generations, everybody believes and follow what is seen by celebrities and by the media.<br />
now she just goes out clubbing and beats me up which in fareness she only beats me up because she is ginger.....hahahaha!!! MY SISTER IS A GINGER-NINJA!!!!

I was tired of seeing so many beautiful people dying. Some people suffer their whole lives.

I totally agree with you, neither pro anorexia sites, or the feeder phenonemon should be encouraged as people can die from both conditions. Society should be more concerned with promoting healthy eating and excercise in order to keep healthy, not to maintain an image that is not realistic for some people. I do feel the media is largely to blame for this, they need to be more responsible.

There is nothing that sickens me more than to see the pro-eating disorder BS. Thanks for creating this group!