These Groups Are Awful.

I cannot believe such groups exist but they do. This is the darker side of the internet. I was watching a programme about it on tv about anorexic girls on these forums as young as 10, they log on everyday to let each other know they are doing and say things like, 'I had a piece of lettuce today and filled myelf up with plenty of water and did 50 squats, I'm doing well but not well enough', another girl will respond and say something like, 'just remember to keep on track and you will hit that goal of 6 stone, we are here for each other to stay motivated to lose as much weight as we can, im still 7 stone and its just not enough but im getting there'. This is pure evil and is way out of control. I really do blame the modelling industry for this and when I read these magazines, rarely do I see a model with a bit of a belly, they have rediculously skinny bodies and most of it is computer manipulated. Something really needs to be done about the media, it is without a doubt, the direct influence behind all this sickening, self destructive behaviour. Its about time everyine felt comfortable in their own skin.


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4 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Well that picture is horrid! And scary that any women could let her self starve this way. I understand your concern here. I don't know why EP lets it happen but the website does say "project" so maybe they are researching everything we do anyway on this site.

Fair enough.

i agree with robyn..its not only the media.

Can i Add i am anorexic and i dont read glossy mags and i dont care about wht the models look like there is a darker side yes but untill u get in the head of a anorexic u will then understand what we go though every day<br />
lookin in the mirror and seeying a big fat beach whale it is a phycological dissorder i understand what the ricks are but its my life.