There's one thing I was wondering: what do you guys all think about male rape? Because nobody talks about it, and that's sad. Because it's true and it happens, more often than you would think.
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Does this happen mostly to men in prison?

If 5 or 6 guys come forward because of a serial rapist, then that rapist has most likely raped 100s of guys already. Nobody talks about it because most guys don't want to admit that they were raped.

That's true. And they don't want to admit due to many reasons, and it really sucks, because even men should have the possibility to receive help in cases like these too. Men are not less victims than women are. People should learn this.

I go to group recovery for rape survivors and its coed. There are a lot of guys in the group and when they tell their stories...

I see, and I feel you so bad :( I read many stories and I felst so sick for them I could feel even sicker by only thinking about it.

I`m so glad you are not afraid to open the topic... This is something people just don`t want to know, ignore it, and it makes the male survivors suffer much more. It`s not just the rape itself that makes them feel ashamed, but the society as well.
I strongly believe it can be changed. It has to be changed! I`ve seen the pain in eyes of beloved one... And even though I can`t help him anymore, I hope I can help to change it for the others.
If you wanted to talk, feel free to PM me or add me.

What you said it's absolutely true, and unfortunately. I've been fighting against this thing eveyday since I've discovered it, which is not long time ago. I am disappointed by society and disgusted by who thinks that male rape doesn't exist, or thinks that men can't suffer too cause of virlity and all of that cal.
I will add you, that's sure :)

True completely! In the country I live, there's even no(!) organization helping males. Once I wanted to discuss it with someone from organizations helping to rape survivors, but I got only one sort response: "rape is crime against women. Man can't be raped." Even though laws here know the term and actually are the same for women and men, the organizations, that should help, have statements like this! And I was just thinking about all the survivors here, who are not helped and even worse. Just imagine, that anyone is searching for help and is told this!

Girl, this happened to me top in my own country. No organization at all, and of course, the fact that I'm only 16 didn't help. People wouldn't listen to me, so I gave up and I found another way to help. Or sort of. I guess.
Would you mind if I message you or so? So we can discuss it better :)

I'm not sure who would be for rape o.O Why do groups like this exist?

sorry, i don't get your question, what do you mean?

Yeah, obviously.

Hey..its me again if you recognize me...i want to know if this kind of thing really exist..but how can a male be raped?ya it might happen that a male or gay raped by another male or this what you are trying to say??
P.S-I shouldn't be talking about all this to a 16yr old girl but just out of curiosity to know the unknown in asking,better if you tell it in short

Uhm, age doesn't define maturity. And, even tho I'm 16 and a woman, I pratically know everything about male rape, that's a taboo for society, but no for me.
And yes, I remember.

So, male rape culd be perpetrated by both women and men - women can force men to penetrate (and sorry for the terms, but I can't find any others) without consent, and that's basically rape. They can also use objects on men. And this form of rape is called "made-to-penetrate".
Instead, male rape perpetrated by other men it's a bit more known. Usually, eterosexual men are the rapists, because rape is not about sex or arousal. Rape is about being stronger and more powerful than the victim. And yeah, that's called "men-on-men" rape. And all of this it's far more dangerous than standard rape with females as victims. And people don't talk about it much, which is sad because that's the main reason why victims stay in silence.

Sorry, I couldn't make it shorter.

Okay..sorry but on this type of topic we all know that under 18's are not entertained..that's why i"ve mentioned that,you know..but i like your bravery..ya i too remember once i've heard 3 women had abducted 1 men then raped him for around 3-5 days & fed him nothing but Viagra...but at that time i didn't believed it..but after listening to your information,it somehow convinced me...but still without drugs like Viagra & all i think its not possible for a women to force a men(excluding the other social factors)..what they can do is by either stimulate & seduce them,but even that also after achieving ****** simultaneously the reproductive organ of the men will allow not allow his organ to get hard this is where i don't believe coz if the main thing doesn't gets hard then how come the penetration thing will happen???

I'm pleased you're so interested.
Actually, arousal isn't a need for erection, as erection can be reached by any kind of stimulation, fear and anxiety included. Just make you understand better, you should watch this video. I owe this guy everything, he changed my life with this →

Yes..i kinda have curious & a bit of skeptical kind of mind which gets alerted when something unknown is introduced to me..i'm just kinda like won't stop until i conquer it by learning it from top to know its shocking to me coz all these years i programmed myself to protect women's(mother/sister/friend,etc you know) from guys with bad intention & will but have never thought of protecting & keep myself away from this kind of thing..& never came across one who has faced and suffered this problem (maybe they chose not to discuss cos it will be an super taboo & will hurt their manhood pride) but yes i use to maintain some distance from guys who are gays..ha..ha..anyways its really nice talking to you..i agree with you that age doesn't define maturity..& thanks for the link i'm going to download & share rock\m/

thank you, and I really hope thay my words and that video will make you understand that you're own health as a man is even more important than what you think! glad, you too x


the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

Anyone can be raped.

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