Smart Meters Are Killing Jobs And Maybe People Too

I do not get how it is, as part of a jobs initiative, that smart meters were allowed to happen to us. First of all, they release more potentially harmful rays than any of the other things we use, such as our phones and wi-fi.

Smart meters have not increased jobs. They were made in China (so I guess we increased jobs over there) and once they are in prying into your electricity usage, a meter reader does not have to come by and read your meter once a month.

Today a new meter reader came to our place.

"I'm trying to save your jobs" I told her.

"We have had a lot of lay offs in our department" she told me,"We are down to seven now and expecting more lay offs in August."

Not only do smart meters have the potential to make us ill over time, they are taking away US jobs at the power companies.

I have a sign over my meter saying "FPL - We refuse a smart meter." So far we have not had to have one installed, but at some point they are going to tell us we have to have them or have our power turned off. That seems like it would be OK if we were allowed to go off the grid, but even if we put in solar, we are required by municipal code or some such thing to have electricity from FPL. It is a Catch 22 really.

Anyway, Smartmeters, (like the Keystone Pipeline) do not create jobs, but are taking jobs away. I suppose the investors are happy.

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May 10, 2012